I have enjoyed performing and writing for cabaret, an art form best suited to the kind of intimate restaurants and clubs that were very prevalent in New York in the 1990’s, like JUDY’s, Jan Wallman’s, Michael’s, Danny’s Skylight and many others. These performances eventually developed into shows with a theme and original material. ONCE UPON A TIME…IN BROOKLYN was a completely original act, suggested by friend and accomplished theater director at the time, Victor Valentine. He encouraged me to write and perform my own songs. He offered to direct an act for me if I would agree to do that, and that was really the beginning of my total commitment to writing. After that show, I never returned to the cabaret circuit and committed myself completely to musical theater. There were many fine performers and I found that I enjoyed writing for others and for characters in scenes just as much as I had performing in clubs.

Where Was I?
Do You Remember, This Happened Before
Why Can’t We Just Be Happy
The Algonquin in the Afternoon