VALADON, was a musical based loosely on the life of the artist, Suzanne Valadon. She was a model for Renoir and a protege of Degas, very much a part of the world of the artists in a special era. There was a reading of that musical at the York Theatre in 2013. However, growing from that there is something better, expanding a smaller story from the first effort. In a new musical/project, BARCELONA/PARIS 1900, a group of Barcelona’s Catalan artists influence the already heady bohemian artistic atmosphere in Paris at the turn of the century. Picasso emerges from this group and many others. The journalist Miguel Utrillo, a painter himself, Valadon’s lover and father of her son, Maurice Utrillo, will take us through this wild time when Paris and Barcelona were the moving centers of a daring adventure in art. The train from Barcelona to Paris provided the possibility for some of our greatest modern artists to share their culture and their genius with the rest of the world. An exciting period. More on this project soon.